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"Student´s life "

Student´s life

Difference between Universities of Zulia University Rafael Belloso Chacin in the enrollment process

There are several differences between the two universities in the enrollment process and that URBE to many studies to facilitate this process for both students and staff URBE

Facilities URBE

I believe that the new technique Online Enrollment have the possibility to register the materials that we should as it was previously impossible when our turn and were closed matters we had planned to enroll.

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I live in La Pomona La pomona is a regular neighborhood in Maracaibo.

For alive where I am happy because I have everything nearby and many streets.

The neighbors plough good persons but others not only want to verify the life of one, are too much gossip-monger because of it from off with them. My house is humble I do not live in a mansion but I like my home and I do not change it into anything of the world. I love my neighborhood. I am very grateful with the life because there is I know the love of my life and new paragraph seize which I have my grandparents near my relatives...

And the traffic there is calmed but occasionally there is tail and there are no many delinquents and the zone is calm. And well, that's a little bit about my neighborhood. What about yours? Let me know and...

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This one very to the mode with his different forms and colors of the forums I like the celllular blackberry very much.

They all use lenses of the sun are a few beautis so much for the women as the men.

There are used the hatbands woven of all the colors, I am charmed with then and it sells them at the head of the university.

The sandals discharge to be very fashionable because some of rhem are very beautiful and different ugly here in they them use very much.

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Ever since people first gathered in settlements there has been pollution. Pollution usually refers to the presence of substances that are either present in the environment where it doesn't belong or at levels greater than it should be.

Air pollution is caused by any undesirable substance, which enters the atmosphere. Air pollution is a major problem in modern society. Even though air pollution is usually a greater problem in cities, pollutants contaminate air everywhere. These substances include various gases and tiny particles, or particulates that can harm human health and damage the environment. They may be gases, liquids, or solids. Many pollutants are given off into the air as a result of human behavior. Pollution occurs on different levels: personal, national, and global.

Some pollutants come from natural sources.

◦Forest fires emit particles, gases, and VOCs (substances that vaporize into the atmosphere)

◦Ultra-fine dust particles created by soil erosion when water and weather loosen layers of soil, increase airborne particulate levels.

How does air pollution affect me?

Many studies have shown links between pollution and health effects. Increases in air pollution have been linked to decreases in lung function and increases in heart attacks. High levels of air pollution according directly affect people with asthma and other types of lung or heart disease. Overall air quality has improved in the last 20 years but urban areas are still a concern. The elderly and children are especially vulnerable to the effects of air pollution.

The level of risk depends on several factors:

◦the amount of pollution in the air,

◦the amount of air we breathe in a given time

◦our overall health.

Other, less direct ways people are exposed to air pollutants are:

◦eating food products contaminated by air toxins that have been deposited where they grow,

◦drinking water contaminated by air pollutants,

◦ingesting contaminated soil, and touching contaminated soil, dust or water.

The first phase of mobile source emission inventory based on the 2001 census (specifically, passenger car) for the Maracaibo Municipality, is presented in this work. The following gases were included in the inventory: carbon monoxide (CO), total hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). It was verified using the inventory, that the main pollution emitted to the atmosphere was the CO (5307,88 ton/year) representing the 86,42%, followed by the HC (6,96%) and NOx (6,62%). In Addition, Maracaibo downtown was the most important area that contributed to the pollution in the municipality (94,37%).This study is a tool to develop a calculus method to evaluate the remaining categories of the public transport, and also for the private sector; provides a methodology for the emission inventory generated by this source, more accurate than the applies in Venezuela and shows the first results to determine the contribution of these gases in the urban environmental pollution and the Heat Island effect.

In the inventory of air emissions from mobile sources made, we obtain an estimate of the total mass of pollutants being discharged into the atmosphere in Maracaibo: 5707.2636 ton / year of CO, HC and NOx, representing each of them: 6.96%, 86.44% and 6.62% respectively of the total.

Among the sectors studied, which contributes more pollutants is the center of Maracaibo (94.37% of total emissions from the municipality), as it is in this area which houses most of the stops along the routes in the municipality.

Public transport, cars specifically for office units in Maracaibo, have an age older than 25 years even though the productive age group for vehicles with this type of use is 10 years, and the maintenance of these units is low and in some zero cases, which can be inferred that the actual emissions discharged into the atmosphere must be higher than those estimated by the methodology. However, they represent a first estimate.

Recommendations :

  • STOP! oil companies should stop extracting oil the lake, in this way to aroid and redunce water waste.

  • Keep lake water cleaned to prevent diseases.

  • To keep away the oil transformen ant oil and gasoline tending to get air the people liven in these area.

  • There are can that contamination, until the point the city becomes pollution by these subtances.

  • Air pollution brigs about now finish get sick for that reason.

  • That´s way caner is beconming dangerous because of the electricity comparis that indicriminate solids, that are neet so good for heth.


Aphrodite or Venus, goddess of love, was married to Hephaestus or Vulcan the blacksmith, who was never faithful.

One day, Helios, god of the sun, came to Hephaestus and said he had seen her lover Aphrodite with Ares, god of war in the palace of Hephaestus.

Enraged with jealousy, Hephaestus the intense heat of his fury, he forged a network of metal so thin and light that was almost invisible, but indestructible resistant.

Put the network in the bed posts and beams in the bedroom. When Aphrodite and Ares, went to bed ... Caught the network so strong that they could not escape!
Hephaestus then called all the gods to laugh at the trapped lovers. Attended Poseidon, Hermes and Helios. Zeus demanded Hephaestus to return the dowry he had to deliver by Aphrodite, but settled for Ares would pay compensation.

And while everyone was laughing, Poseidon offered to be the guarantor of the debt. Then the lovers were released.


Wandering spirit to kill his parents.

After murdering his father, the man was punished with a foreman of neck (typical of the plain), while trying to escape was bitten by a dog Turek, concluding the punishment his grandfather showered on his injuries a lot of hot peppers. The memory and mention what happened frees people from being attacked by the wandering spirit known as the Eurasian.

The Eurasian is presented as a grim drunks. Other prairie give way to tall, skinny. wear a hat and strikes men and drunken revelers, to which the navel sucks to take their spirits.

Tradition says that on reaching the Eurasian to a house in the night, download the sack and has one to one bone, if no one can hear a family member dies at dawn.

Another version says it was a son who killed his father to eat you his "offal. " The boy was raised Tonec (pampered), no respect for anyone. One day he told his father he wanted to eat deer guts. His father went out hunting to please but soon to return. In view of this the boy went to look and saw that I had an empty, could not hunt deer, kill him, I take the guts and took them to his mother for the cook. Since there is no softening, the mother suspected that they were the "entrails" of her husband. asking the boy, who confessed the truth.

Immediately cursed him "pa to life. " His brother John followed him with a "foreman", he sounded a gourd of chili and it aroused the dog "Trick" until the end of the chases and bites her heels.


Surprised a lion was asleep a hare. But when he was about to devour her, he saw a deer pass. Then left the hare to chase of the deer.

The hare awoke to the sounds of the chase, and no more waiting, began his flight.

Meanwhile, the lion, who was unable to catch the deer, and tired, returned to take the rabbit and found that he had also found their way to be safe.
Then the lion said:

-" Well I deserve it, because while being a prisoner in my hands, let go after the hope of obtaining more".

If you are holding a small profit, when looking for a larger one, do not give the child who already have, until they actually have in your hands the most.